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An important message from UCI’s Anteater Pledge Ambassadors:

Art by Thao Dinh, public health policy senior.


New podcast episode 🎧

#COVID19 doesn’t have to spoil #Halloween!

It just takes a bit of creativity to have a fun & safe celebration. Here are some tips from UC Irvine Health physician Dr. Jose Mayorga.

↘️ That’s his coronavirus-inspired piñata


UCI Votes: Vote Center opens on campus for early voting

UCI’s Vote Center opens today


Antibody screening finds COVID19 nearly 7 times more prevalent in OC than thought:


Zot with your Pod

IG Post:

UCI in the News

“We had a suspicion there would be more cases if we looked in the overall community rather than just at those asking for testing, but we didn’t understand how widespread it was already.” — Tim Bruckner, a study principal and associate professor of public health at UC Irvine

“You could quarantine and be super careful, but then your Uncle Joe who hasn’t [been careful] is at the Thanksgiving table and maybe he gives it to you,” — says Andrew Noymer, an epidemiologist and associate professor of public health at University of California Irvine

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