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On to this week’s big news…

UCI launches ambitious Black Thriving Initiative

Program aims to mobilize the whole university to promote Black student success

“The Black Thriving Initiative is UCI’s response to a national imperative. The unrest that we are witnessing across the country is about the persistence of systemic oppression and exclusion from educational opportunity, participation in the economy, access to healthcare and other areas essential to social justice and human well-being. As a great public research university, UCI is uniquely positioned to set an example for institutional transformation.”

-Douglas Haynes, vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion

A decade ago, UC Irvine students and faculty rallied to celebrate the life and legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Now the university is launching a comprehensive effort to transform itself into a thriving campus for Black students, faculty and staff. (Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times)

Press Release:


Los Angeles Times article:

🎧 UCI Podcast: The future of social justice

Douglas Haynes discusses impact of Black Lives Matter, what’s next with the movement and UCI’s Black Thriving Initiative


The Aug. 28 BLM March on Washington D.C. marks three months of protests over the killing of George Floyd. Douglas Haynes, vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion and a professor of history at UCI, offers his perspectives on this pivotal time in U.S. history

UC says goodbye to single-use plastics

Under new policy, all 10 campuses will phase out single-use plastic bags in retail and dining and then eliminate single-use plastic food service items and plastic bottles.

UC is ditching plastic bottles, bags and food containers that are choking our oceans and harming our health

“That’s the real game-changer. We can say, ‘It’s in a container that doesn’t work for our policy.’ The producer now has to listen to the consumer. That’s what’s going to be so revolutionary.”

-ANNE BROWN KRIEGHOFF recycling and sustainability program manager for UCI facilities management.



#FirstGenFriday: Liliana Vazquez

Liliana Vazquez, ’20, became the first person in her family to graduate from college when she earned her bachelor’s degree in education sciences and psychology & social behavior from UCI this spring. In this video, Liliana reads a letter to her mother, thanking her for providing unconditional love, support and motivation. #FirstGenFriday💙💛


First-gen student Liliana Vazquez, ’20 and her mom

#WorkYourMask campaign

Masks work! So work your mask. Post your picture with #WorkYourMask & tell us why you mask up!


Peter the Anteater keeps UCI safe by wearing a mask to slow the spread of COVID19

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