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Conquering COVID-19

“This [launch] was extremely timely,” says Dr. Daniela Bota. “When COVID-19 hit, we had some advantages.”



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“Working at my dining room table while my daughter does school, one cat on the table, another cat and a dog under the table. Not pictured: kindergartner also doing remote schooling out of frame.” — Steve Mang



“The Brilliant Future campaign continues to keep UCI at the forefront of cutting-edge research, innovative healthcare, student success and so much more.” — Julie Hill, UCI Foundation Chair



Color your stress away with UCI coloring pages! 🐜🍴 💙💛 🎨

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UCI In the News

“When common rocks, known as olivine, chemically break down, they absorb carbon dioxide to form carbonates that can then be washed into the oceans,” — postgraduate researcher, Kyle Manley

“It’s not just that people are gathering. It’s that they’re gathering amidst the backdrop of this winter-seasonality effect,” Noymer said. “I just don’t see any scenarios, barring a vaccine, in which we don’t have lots of COVID-19 this winter, and Thanksgiving is going to play a role in that,” — Noymer

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