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3 min readMay 8, 2020


Dear Friends of UCI,

Welcome to the Weekly Anteater report for what’s new and trending at UCI!

We’ve curated a collection of top news items and trending social topics. If you’re active on social media, please share this news with your friends and colleagues. We’ve attached social links and summaries for easy sharing!

Classrooms will look different this fall as schools reopen amid a pandemic/Unsplash

UCI Health News:

UCI’s Dr. Dan Cooper gathers a team to help determine how, when and under what conditions K-12 classroom instruction can safely resume

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“The economy cannot restart if students are not in schools,” says Cooper, UCI professor of pediatrics and founding director of the campus’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Science. “Schools have a huge impact on everything we do in this country. A high percentage of the workforce is very much tied to the fact that their kids are going to school every day and participating in after-school events.”

Anteaters in Action: UCI Law students provide free legal services

The coronavirus has not stopped UCI Law students from giving back to the community in meaningful ways. They are adapting to the times by conducting client interviews through Zoom, delivering restraining order documents while wearing masks and gloves and coordinating mask production for employees and residents of detention centers.

Law student Jonathan Routson assists a local legal services office with the delivery of restraining order documents/UCI Law


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#UCIYes: Welcome, Class of 2024!

In honor of National Decision Day, here are some #FutureAnteaters celebrating their decision to join UCI’s Class of 2024. We think this quote from Cerritos resident Paulina Cervantes captures the mood of the new class:

“I’m excited to announce (to no surprise) that I have committed to UCI! After 4 long hard years of never believing in myself I can finally be proud of everything I have accomplished. Thank you to everyone who believed in me when I doubted myself. Here’s to the next 4 years 💛💙✨

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UCI in the News

6 degrees of mask making at UC Irvine show the power of teamwork

UCI doctors Melissa Chang and Aditi Sharma are leading a project to make high-grade, protective masks using sterilized material typically discarded at hospitals after one use.The duo have teamed up with garment manufacturer OC Cutworks in Santa Ana to produce the masks.


It’s Friday, so here are some lighter items to take you into the weekend:

UCI comes to Animal Crossing

#UCIPride is thriving in the virtual islands of Animal Crossing. Alumnus Joshua Montefalcon, ’18, has customized his island with UCI-related characters and backgrounds.

Joshua Montefalcon’s UCI-themed Animal Crossing design

“I thought it would be funny to have my animal villagers in a lecture hall and to create a scene that was relatable. I decided to share this photo with other students..and encourage others to make other funny UCI-related scenes and memes within the game.” -Joshua Montefalcon ‘18

Our friends at the UCI Health pet therapy program paid tribute to #UCIHealthHeroes this week on social media!

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