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UCI’s new ISEB brings together researchers to address the world’s biggest problems, from deadly diseases to climate change.

UCI biologists & mathematicians have developed a new tool to help decipher the language cells use to communicate with one another.

Overview of how CellChat can convert “molecular language” of cells into a translation that can be interpreted by researchers. Suoqin Jin, Qing Nie & Maksim Plikus / UCI

As the world embarks on the biggest vaccination effort in history, pharmacists across the country and at UCI have stepped forward.

Who’s talking about UCI on social media?

UCI in the News

Erika Hayasaki, UCI associate professor of English writes, “In the Inland Empire, more than 40,000 people now work for Amazon warehouses …. For many workers who were juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet before Covid, Amazon suddenly became their sole source of income. Many of the jobs were physically demanding, with quotas dictating output. Those who might not have complained about working conditions or considered themselves activists started speaking up.”

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