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OC Young Adult Court gives first-time felony offenders a second chance in life.

“I’m glad it’s finally over, & I’m glad I can start the next chapter in my life.” — Zamire, OCYAC grad

UCI is №2 in the nation for diversity in 2021 Wall Street Journal ranking

UCI has twice ranked №1 by the New York Times’ College Access Index for doing most for the American Dream based on the university’s commitment to economic diversity. Elena Zhukova/ UCOP


“It was the education aspect that made me want to pursue medicine, because I understood that as a physician, you’re not only a provider but also an educator,” says Dania Maldonado. Steve Zylius / UCI

“When I started college, I knew that I wanted to work with underserved communities because I come from an underserved community. So assisting them was always my passion,” — Dania Maldonado


UCI Loteria

UCI in the News

“The goal is to protect the health and well-being of our campus, because for some students, it’s the safest or most practical place for them to be” — Dr. Albert Chang, medical director of UCI’s Student Health Center.

“Grandparents are not a solution to the child care access and affordability problems faced by families. When we look back on the pandemic in search of silver linings, solving the child care crisis could be one of them. We owe nothing less to the next generation. We must build political will now — during this election cycle. Parents and grandparents alike need to reach out to our representatives in Congress to let them know we believe support for early care and education is a top priority for the country.” — Deborah Vandell, UCI professor and dean emerita



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