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  • Rolando Cruz

    Rolando Cruz

    I like to code things.

  • Adam Compton

    Adam Compton

  • The USSA

    The USSA

    The nation's oldest, largest, and most inclusive, national student-led organization. Education is a right #cantstopwontstop

  • Lambros Petrou

    Lambros Petrou

    I am very ambitious and always pursue perfection! I love programming, gadgets and volleyball.

  • Lewis Leong

    Lewis Leong

    Freelance tech writer.

  • Tim Kashani

    Tim Kashani

    Storyteller. Director, Writer, Producer. Broadway Producing Credits: Hair, Memphis, An American in Paris /

  • Rickey Jones

    Rickey Jones

    Seeking next adventure in IT & Technical Services (Formerly) KP- IT Consultant/Sr. Analyst, System Operations/Functional Q & R Improvement Advisor. #healthcare

  • Mary Dueñas

    Mary Dueñas

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